Okay brain, I get it: you want a nap.
I do not understand why you do though.

There’s a house that I walk by every day and I’ve smelled weed there all hours of the day. But hey, weed is legal in Illinois so I only judge them a little.

There’s a house in the other direction that always smells like a Yankee Candle shop blew up there. I judge them A LOT.

As expected, the Colorado Country Christmas Craft and Cooking Show in Denver is not happening in person this year.

Unexpectedly, their new Colorado Springs event is. (Not going myself.)

Got a reminder for a meeting I’d totally forgotten about. I get invited to a lot of meetings where my attendance is optional.
I looked at the subject for this one and was very confused because I’m not on the team it is for.
Messaged my boss: “go anyway.”

Anyone commissioned a custom avatar for FaceRig and comfortable telling me how much and through who?

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, and it’s sequel, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, are both on sale on Steam right now.

If I only get one, which?
Should I stream it for in November?

Today's lunch stream of Secret Mana will probably be a bit late due to a short-notice meeting at work. Watch this space for updates!


LaserQuest was by far the best recurring laser tag experience I ever had. It will be missed.


So, I did something different. Too many options, not enough blades. So...i used some extra space. #bi #ace #trans #nonbinary #pride #youcanplay #blm #HockeyIsForEveryone @PrideTape@twitter.com @fullstrengthhc@twitter.com @YouCanPlayTeam@twitter.com

In 30 minutes, for 30 minutes... has any empire in a SquareEnix game ever been a good entity? Let's see what trouble we can cause as I stream Secret of Mana for !


I have a ticket where someone is complaining they can’t get embed a video in a PDF because they only have Acrobat Reader.

I’m over here wondering why the hell they are trying...

In 30 minutes, for 30 minutes: more Secret of Mana on my lunch stream. Now in search of a sea hare's tail!


The wall of his cell was ripped out. Dr. Dastard blinked at the silhouette in the air outside.
"Captain Clever?"
"Come with me," the hero said. "You must try to take over the world."
"You got me locked up for that!"
"Yes. But... Haven't you been following the news?"
"Oh. Right."

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