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I plan on revisiting a few more old school PC games. I'm so excited to show y'all!

In a sense, you don't really change. You just become closer to who you really are.

Don't think too hard if you find that you are no longer compatible with certain people.

It was never going to work out in the first place, but it's fortunate that you were able to find joy in the temporary.

Educate yourself, be mindful & do what you can but don’t take on the whole world’s suffering as if it was yours to take

Sometimes everything will seem impossible & you will feel demotivated, but don’t decide where it ends. This is momentary. See it through. Watch as everything makes it's way back to you!

Verbal abuse & mental illness go hand in hand. Be careful how you treat people with words and what you say cause words stick forever. Words cause reactions. You never know how what you say affects somebody else 💭

Stop comparing yourself to the people you see on social media. These aren't the ones you'll run into in real life. Go to a water park, look at the people around you. Realize REAL people don't look that way. We've all got flaws, we're all human. EVERY ONE OF US IS BEAUTIFUL.

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