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ah my home timeline is empty!

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all I want in life is tasty meals, fancy drinks, snuggly girls, and for all my friends to be wildly successful at everything they attempt

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So tomorrow both WPA2 and RSA are going to be announced as broken.

Buy your sysadmin a drink of their choice tomorrow.

@KitRedgrave So how many instances does this make now? :P

oh shit i'm so sleepy why am i so sleep


Speaking of which please follow my channel - <- I stream my World of Warcraft raid team progression on Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30PM EST-ish to 1AM.

Another week, another couple dozen wipes on Heroic KJ! BUT WE SHALL SUCCEED! I KNOW IT!

Aw man @Tusky isn't being updated? Now what I'm going to use for mobile Masto?

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harassment - closing registration Show more

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hi, i'm kit, i'm a huge nerd who spends all her time thinking about functional programming, category theory, and how language plays into all of this. except i'm not very good at it lol

i also spend all my time breaking this server i'm on

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well you heard.


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A lot of people are missing the point of the twitter boycott. Ok heres how twitter works, they sell your data to advertisers for money, any interactions, good or bad are data they can sell.

All that harassment women get? That makes them money. All the call outs, all the toxic shit, all the fights with bad people? Makes them money.

They have a vested interest in creating engagement and nothing does that better than anger. They keep the bad people around because they know you will fight them. Thats data, they can sell that and then market to people just like you.

While they market to the people who want to abuse you too.

*not using twitter* is literally the only way to hurt them.