A friend recently asked me for advice in dealing with an accusation of abuse against her and so I wrote a little guide with input from half a dozen feminists of differing perspectives that I admire:

This essay juggles a lot of things, and faces some limits because it's trying to speak to the accused specifically. But I hope it helps some people navigate shit more ethically.

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@rechelon thank you for this share. It was a valuable read.

@rechelon Try Catholicism instead: their sacrament of confession absolves you (if you genuinely repent and do the penance) instead of burdening you with lifetime obligations to let others know about your past.


Sounds terribly irresponsible and a denial of informed agency.

(My father was Liberation Theology Catholic; I'm not unaware of the traditions, I find them unethical.)

@rechelon this is really good, thank you so much for publishing.

@rechelon Thank you❣️ It is very helpful in a lot of ways 💜

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