It's a common misconception that entropy is death.

Entropy is the tendency for things to become intertwined. The paths of particles woven together into the fabric of spacetime. Entropy gives rise to life, it drives complexity. Diversification. Globalization.

The inevitability of entropy is the inevitable victory of life over fascism.

Entropy isn't death, it's the spinning of infinite trajectories, the knitting together of things in ways more complex than can fit in the simple boxes we started with. Entropy is the expansion of possibility beyond the stupid, the calcified, the static and arbitrary.


Those crying about the decay of racial order, of national edifices, are crying about the birth of complexity beyond their small minds. The entropy they see as erosion & death is in fact a cambrian explosion of life.

Against their kicking & screaming the future will always win.

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Fascists, racists, nationalists... they declare themselves as partisans of "natural order" against the force of entropy. All they are is partisans of death. They would have sided with the inert rocks against the first primordial cells on this planet.

We will eat them and everything they value. We will spread the complexity that causes the rotting brains of nationalists to black out in terror and incomprehension. The future -- the swirling possibility to come -- is an acid that will dissolve them, leaving no trace.

@rechelon The good reason to destroy things is to build better things. What I don't understand about your anarchist radical entropy approach is that it seems to oppose anything that's ever built, and as such anything else to be built. It feels like you want to remove any chance to anchor ourselves to anything because we should be ready to replace any given thing. It seems like it would be alienating and difficult to find purpose in that scenario.

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