A liberal is someone who will cry crocodile tears for Eric Garner one second and then enthusiastically sign the execution warrants of dozens more.

I loathe cigarettes and generally feel like smokers are assholes, but liberal regulation like this drives me to a blinding fury. Every law is backed by a thug with a gun. The talent liberals have for studiously avoiding this reality is equal parts astonishing and sickening.


@rechelon do you consider all regulation wrong? For example, betting shops like Ladbrokes offer higher rents to landlords than other businesses could. So do big grocery brands and multinational coffee chains. On some high streets, Ladbrokes, Poundshop, Sturbucks and Tesco is all you get. If you could, wouldn't you regulate this, to keep small coffee shops and bookshops and butchers in the area?


@mikee3000 I think there's clearly degrees of unethicalness to regulation. But using the state to impede the very monopolies and giant capitalist firms it helped create and keeps propped up is a terrible strategy.

@rechelon Yes, but still there are activists trying to sway their local councils to stop the crapification of their neighbourhoods. I personally don't have a clue what else they should be doing.

Certainly suboptimal compared to removing the monopoly protections and subsidies. But it's still better than the typical right-libertarian approach to "deregulation" that simply removes the secondary restrictions on abuse of monopoly power while leaving the monopoly in place. @rechelon @mikee3000

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