I did a little thread on the bird site about the currencies anarchist communes in the spanish revolution adopted (after they all tried coordinating without money and couldn't make it work).

It's a less known component of history, and thought the fediverse should also see.

Nationalism is pure unadulterated evil. It should make no fucking difference whatsoever what economic plan it comes packaged with.

I've spent forever waiting to get to drop the following line in our Eclipse Campaign and finally got to tonight:

"...and as its hideous bulbous oily black beak comes into focus you realize that this isn't a person, this... is a social democrat."

I've avoided tabletop rpgs for almost two decades since a GURPS campaign when I was a kiddo. I was really nervous about GMing an Eclipse Phase game for a bunch of friends, but a couple months in and reviews like this make my heart flutter:

The advertising industry is premised on an entitlement to your attention that -- like intellectual property -- is ultimately mind control. You cannot be allowed to have the agency to block ads on your exocortex (laptop, phone, tv, etc) just as you cannot be allowed to share your experiences (of films, tv, books, music, etc) with high fidelity, because anything near such would mean the collapse of modern tech capitalism.

"Feminists are killing men!" say the very avatars of everything actually killing men.

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