good post about how nerd communities' mass-adoption of the closed and proprietary Discord platform will inevitably lead to the long-term loss of (or loss of access to) mountains of special-interest group knowledge and community history

"TLDR; It is not a very future-proof way of knowledge-building & archiving at all."

see also:

Atomwaffen Division, an armed neo-nazi group with an existing murder count and connections with planned acts of domestic terrorism, has released a new video indicating a plea for action and escalation.

ALERTA! ALERTA! Emergency Action Required To Defend Jock Palfreeman! Jock's parole is in serious jeopardy & action is needed RIGHT NOW to ensure his freedom! Full info, including actions you can take right now:
#freejock, #antifa, #antifascist

New: Alt-right grifter Jacob Wohl and all-but-admitted white nationalist Nick Fuentes are planning a “free speech” rally on some sort of yacht in Miami next week:

The second Please Try This At Home is everything i wanted it to be. <3

Unicorn Riot: **The Anti-Fascist Nuclear Bunker Under Amsterdam You Didn’t Know Existed**

"Amsterdam, Netherlands – An old nuclear bunker, hidden underneath Vondelpark in the city center of Amsterdam, has been transformed into a shelter for independent culture. In 2019, a collective of volunteers maintain the Vondel…"

#anarchism #bot

Unicorn Riot: **Infrared Aerial Surveillance Used at Standing Rock to Monitor and Track Protesters**

"Midwest, USA – Unicorn Riot obtained over 100 hours of infrared (IR) video footage taken by police surveillance aircraft during the 2016 protests in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Drones, plan…"

#anarchism #bot

Extinction Rebellion is what happens when a bunch of jumped-up liberals use young radicals as cannon fodder to keep them from doing anything useful.

can we please stop calling red fascists "communists" already? that makes as much sense as saying Hitler was a socialist.

the two hardest problems in computer science are off by one errors, naming variables and rampant misogyny

Police protecting less than 10 far-Right protesters at #UCBerkeley, Amber Cummings leading; she has spent years working closely with white nationalist, Proud Boy, and neo-Nazi groups. Ironically, they're protesting Berkeley as "communist." Students joining counter-protest.

pfft, anarchist. can you name even a single example of when anarchists accomplished the amount of long-term destruction, suffering for the working class, and despair for the left worldwide that bolsheviks have caused? no? didn't think so.

A neo-Nazi (Cameron Blake, 34) with links to Atomwaffen Division has been arrested in LA after he threatened to kill a Jewish man and his infant daughter.

(@LATimes please correct the name of Blaze Bernstein in this article. You have it as "Blazer".)

Anarchist Library: **Against the Logic of the Guillotine**

"Author: CrimethIncTitle: Against the Logic of the GuillotineSubtitle: Why the Paris Commune Burned the Guillotine—and We Should TooDate: April 8, 2019Source: Retrieved on June 11, 2019 from"

#anarchism #bot


Limiting the movement of hard drives or brains across a line is restriction of information flow. Borders are a bandwidth-restriction form of censorship.


Street medics at protests are heroes. Support your local street medics
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