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a local paper in portland has prompted me to post this reminder:

antifa isn't about media optics it's about combating fascism. those don't always correlate. antifa might have bad media optics, but they are still shutting down fascist gatherings online and off on the regular
Happy five year anniversary of twitter keeping us safe from dangerous postings.

Meatspace objectively sucks compared to the internet even as it is, certainly as it could be.

Meatspace limits relationships by geographical proximity. Cities are better than suburbs because large numbers of people living closer together lessens that a little

Interview with Leah Feldman (1985) Feldman was arguably the most committed Anarchist active in the Uk. She joined the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, attended Kropotkin's funeral, went to Spain during the Civil War, and took part in virtually every British Anarchist organisation and conference until her death.

Breitbart + Fox News heaping praise on white nationalist and "former Daily Caller editor" Scott Greer for promoting ironically a Latina prison guard. Seems they've all forgotten why Greer was fired from the Daily Caller; he was also writing for Richard Spencer's 'Radix' journal.

Greer has long been tied to white nationalist groups. Here is he wearing a "Youth for Western Civilization" shirt, a group that Matthew Heimbach cut his teeth in, and hanging out with white power fight club the Wolves of Vinland, one of whose members burned down a black church.

Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of

Shameful that Antifa thugs would attack an old man for... [checks video] assaulting someone.


On Saturday, June 29, ANTIFA terrorists beat an elderly conservative man with a crowbar on the streets of Portland, Oregon.




"i saw antifa in the closet making milkshakes and I saw one of the milkshakes and the milkshake looked at me!” - Portland Police

A bit of context on three far-right activists from the Pacific Northwest who are currently in the news.

In this Tim Pool video, Mike Cernovich talks about how his style of conspiracy "journalism" is used to push certain narratives, regardless of them being true or not. Pool said this reality, "Bums him out." Cernovich shrugged and said, "I'm a nihilist."

"i use linux as my operating system," i state proudly to the unkempt, bearded man. he swivels around in his desk chair with a devilish gleam in his eyes, ready to mansplain with extreme precision.
"actually," he says with a grin, "linux is just the kernel. you use GNU+linux."
i don't miss a beat and reply with a smirk, "i use alpine, a distro that doesn't include the GNU coreutils, or any other GNU code. it's linux, but it's not GNU+linux."

the smile quickly drops from the man's face. his body begins convulsing and he foams at the mouth as he drop to the floor with a sickly thud. as he writhes around he screams "I-IT WAS COMPILED WITH GCC! THAT MEANS IT'S STILL GNU!"
coolly, i reply "if windows was compiled with gcc, would that make it GNU?" i interrupt his response with "and work is being made on the kernel to make it more compiler-agnostic. even if you were correct, you won't be for long."

with a sickly wheeze, the last of the man's life is ejected from his body. he lies on the floor, cold and limp. i've womansplained him to death.

I asked @PortlandPolice to explain how they substantiated this claim, which has now been RT’d 9k times.

The answer? “This is based upon information received and observations on the field.”

Thanks, that really clears things up.

legal support for portland antifa 

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