Read Korean?

Can you tell me which version(s) of Debian this book covers?

Copyright is 2017?

I'm helping update #debian documentation and want to add correct information for this book

Is it about Kali or Debian or both?

It's linked to from the debian book list


I'm going πŸ’―to using no more twitter or any of that


Video teams were staffed up too, people left good jobs to get in on this rush. Companies spent millions of dollars only to have no return, all on a promise.

If you missed it: today it was confirmed that Facebook massively & knowingly inflated its video-view statistics, which had the DIRECT consequence of 90% of media orgs firing writers in favor of expensive video producers, who also got fired when it turned out v…

Holy shit the latest on nyc police stats is good. Painful to listen to but good.

My natural tendency to paint in broad strokes and widdle down to smaller prs isn't getting me very small prs this time.

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I have some options I can do;
- try to keep the bindings mostly the same and finish the ts rewrite
- do the real bindings api changes since this is a MAJOR change anyway
- abandon ship fork the project hide in the woods

This is triggering if you worked a specific hardware workshop in 2014

I prefer arrow functions over function literals because they look like rockets πŸš€

This is πŸ’― on the mark
βœ”οΈ loses the data of hundreds of millions of people
βœ”οΈ ruins a few elections
βœ”οΈ data breach lets anyone into millions of people's accounts
βœ”οΈ still wants to put a online webcam in your kitchen

Anyone have a visa credit card from a company they like? With like.. a good website I guess?

These are MY sons. They graduated #1 in boot camp. They were awarded the USO award. They were #1 in burger school. They are gentlemen who respect women. They won't go on dates due to the current climate of false sexual accusations by feminists with axes to grind. I VOTE.

I suppose.... Where can I ask general design questions?

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