Local soda shop has old dead stock garbage pail kids stickers.

Anyone have any tips on trying to diy some wax packs of my own?

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@ajroach42 dunking in paraffin and then maybe squeegee off the excess? The real question is what kind of gum you'll put inside? I suggest fruit stripe gum, as it loses flavor in about three seconds.

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That's basically the idea if I want to do it the slow way, but I was hoping to find a method that was faster.

I dunno if I can still get fruit stripe locally. My plan was just to include a piece of pink cardboard. In my experience it's almost the same thing.

@ajroach42 @redcrate I wonder if the wax process is like sputtering. Evaporate a specific amount of stearic acid (very hard wax) available at candle supplies, in a vacuum with the paper to be coated. Because you're not going to print on wax well.

@ajroach42 @redcrate It is also possible to dissolve wax in trichlorethane (don't breath that stuff, your liver will die) and spray it on (hoping the printing is water soluble, not solvent soluble) and letting it dry.

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