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wet cigarette @reddiculedog@mastodon.social

i made a playlist to mourn my adolescence to since a lot of these probably should stop being relevant to me soon and im sad about that. i'll probably still be a whiny little bitch tho lets be real open.spotify.com/user/reddicul

think of all the great punk music that will no longer be relevant 2 me

i hit my 20s in 2 and a half weeks and i'm gonna miss being a teenager so fucking much. the whiny bratty edgy kid aesthetic is my entire identity

i think i might be ready to not care about anything ever again

not really anything to update on today, probably won't be anything tomorrow, & i have monday off cuz i got jury duty. fuuuck

every time i show someone talking heads and they'd never heard them before it blows my mind because they're so iconic & everyone i know loves them

friends been sending me weird texts. i think these are like song lyrics or sth

once again shoutout to the game emily is away gosh darn it thats a good game smh

thinkin about the fact that im feeling like shit today & carry on by fun. is playing in the kitchen

thinkin abt the fact that i just magically decided to be in the cafe at the right time on that fateful day & god prolly did that on purpose

what do you do when you can't make friends

i rly should have gone to work yesterday lmao smh fml

he was just being rly impossibly cool & stuff :(

had a dream i was in a place & boi was there & i couldnt get over how handsome he looked

literally all i ate today was a frozen breakfast sandwich so now im binging on cookie crisp and pop tarts

and today was only just now the beginning of summer

i looked so good today why was i not at work where im actually tryna impress ppl