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ћɑɓεʌς сǿʀÞυȿ @reddiculedog@mastodon.social

sombrero wearing dinosaur is the best story ever written.

people say that feeling is better than not feeling, but feeling pain hurts a lot more than not feeling pain imo

i'm just glad i feel things. i used to feel nothing

is being overemotional even a thing? like is it bad to feel things?? i heard the word today and was like huh i've never thought of that

change isn't scary or exciting for me like it is one or the other or both for most people. for me change is just way too emotional. i am way overemotional about everything

i think, more than missing twitter itself, i miss the way it used to be and stopped being years ago, but i didn't notice as much because at least i was still on there

when i say i miss twitter i mean i miss the friends i made (along the way) there

i've been insisting that i only liked nirvana when i was like 16 but upon relistening to all their albums i've discovered i still love these songs

my hair is so different now. i wish i could turn the old version back on at any time if i wanted

cutting your hair is supposed to be symbolic for beginning anew or something

the world is so fucking stupid i hate everything lol

i found out the reason why no jobs call me back is because apparently my phone disconnected itself and apparently the phone service provider didn't deem it necessary to FUCKING tell me

they're gonna color my hair i'm so "exited"

i'm in a hair salon. not my natural habitat

you ever think about how coughing is just having an itch in yr throat

i have nothing against christians but i have a lot against organized religion so it's a conflicting situation