In April’s Redecentralize Digest:

• Decentralisation ⊥ orthogonality?
• Democratic governance of P2P online communities
• I* newsletter
• Owning the means of computation
• Misc tips & updates and events coming up

All here:

The Redecentralize Digest for March is out: <>

In this digest:

• The DOTS pattern library
• Decentralisation explained with tomato cans
• Public Spaces coalition
• Compost magazine & Distributed Press
• Misc tips & updates and events coming up

February was short (as usual) but packed, counting two new websites for the decentralisation community:
- The long-awaited DWeb community website launched, along with the “DWeb principles” declaration:
- The DWeb event calendar:

These updates, and more, in February’s digest:

Growing out of the DWeb Summits and DWeb Camp, tomorrow sees the launch of a new DWeb community website, along with a first version of its “DWeb Principles”. Zoom into the launch party at 18:00 UTC; hosted by our friends from the Internet Archive and Jolocom.

Our digest for January is out, covering:

- Writings on centralisation and/versus democracy
- A decentralised social media ecosystem review
- A new publication, The Reboot
- Brave browser supports IPFS

…and other updates and upcoming events.

With all eyes on social media platforms’ influence on democracy, @rysiek gets to the crux: “the question isn’t really about how these platforms should wield their power — **the question is whether these platforms should have such power in the first place.**”

Happy new month! A good moment to look back at the last month. In December’s digest we cover:

- The EU’s new proposals for regulating ‘gatekeeper’ platforms
- The Remote CCC conference and DWeb meetup
- Technology’s trade-offs discussed in “The Decentralized Web of Hate”
- Misc tips & updates and events coming up

November’s digest is out. In this issue: Digital public infrastructure • Radicle • EFF podcast

Redecentralize Digest — October 2020

In this issue: Self-soveign identity • OTI event • GDPR vs RTB • etc.

Redecentralize Digest — September 2020

In this issue: NGI workshop • DSA consultation • DWeb meetup

Last week we held a workshop “Follow us OFF Facebook” at the NGI Policy Summit, featuring @RegierungBW and @marcel_kolaja

The topic was the problematic use of centralised social media platforms by public institutions; with a focus on the alternative of adopting decentralised social media (specifically Mastodon / the Fediverse).

The recording is now online:

Redecentralize Digest — May 2020

In this issue: GDPR 2 years • Dat→Hypercore • Grant for the Web • etc.

Redecentralize Digest — April 2020
In this issue: contract tracing apps • Wikipedia’s social protocols • better than Goodreads • etc.

Redecentralize Digest — March 2020
In this issue: epidemic surveillance • github+npm • Diaspora • etc.

In case you missed it: the September @redecentralize
redigest is out!

Covering: Facebook's approach to data portability and privacy, DNS over HTTPS, Nitter and interoperability.

Read, enjoy, tell us what you think!

The January @redecentralize re-digest is out!
-> featuring decentralised social media, comparing federated and p2p approaches incl mastodon & scuttlebutt; org and tech comparison of IPFS & DAT; what makes decentralisation hard & why decentralise; ditching 3rd party cookies & upcoming events!

Some exciting news:
@redecentralize is fundraising to drive a better, fairer, decentralised internet and web! We’ll promote and review & projects, hold events, research & advocate for new systems. Check out our plan & become a patron 🙌

Last night's @redecentralize meetup was amazing. So good to see so many people interested in decentralisation and to have a lot of very interesting and diverse talks about @matrix.

I wrote about the @redecentralize get together last night in London, with a great keynote from @shevski

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