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#Mobian hack of the day. Members KeironO and Djhg2000 created a "renice" script that pushes the priority of the call program in an attempt to make the #pinephone respond in case of a call. Does it improve things?

The way the mainstream media is banging on about a couple boats arriving, you'd swear to god that there aren't more pressing issues - wouldn't you?

I am really enjoying @mobian on my PinePhone. It's almost daily driver suitable - if they can get call audio fixed!

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If you have a v1.2 #pinephone (CE) and are on #Mobian you should upgrade soon. Pinephone-tweaks 0.34 will help you to get your modem into power saving mode. The gpio's differ between that version and earlier revisions. Enjoy!

Been playing around with the . I think my next project will be to set up a dbus service that'll provide service access to libphonenumber in some form.

I'm not going to lie, I'm sorta disappointed that this hasn't taken off. The interface is great, and the APIs look lovely.

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