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being followed back instantly is like going in for a high five and getting a slap on the ass

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my eyes aren't red from WEED they're red because sasuke's married MOM

*cracks neck* sleep for 3 months, wake up, toot, re-hibernate *dies*

straight guys will really just draw a withering zombie where the only thing looking fresh and alive is her boobs and then slap the word 'sexy' on the drawing huh

FELLAS: is it gay to grunt? You be making a grunt or grunts. ๐Ÿค”

Is it really christmas if you dont gain 10 stone and have a 3 day depression nap?

Gotta have that bean juice and draw for two hours straight

Me pulling out my resume to my future employer, the resume is just a collection of all my most popular toots: โ€œas you can see Iโ€™m very qualifiedโ€

me checking my notifs immediately after posting something

not to be fake deep, but I would REALLY like a h*g rn

Welcome to social, the memes are censored and the porn is not!

Spider verse better not have ~straight tension~ Gwen deserves better

p//do ment 

ty for giving us bird facts in these trying times

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