Publicación: «Contra el 5G». Recopilación de textos contra la red 5G.

Radek is free! New court date announced (Netherlands)

The court case against Radek will continue on May 16th at 15:00 at the Court in The Hague (adres: Prins Clauslaan 60.

Against oppression and exploitation. For anarchy!

Telling "Fuck Israel, Free Gaza, Free Palestine" is crime on Twitter. Twitter can suspend or lock your account because of this reason. :P

Enough is Enough: **Anarchist Film Archive- More than 1000 FREE rare films & documentaries**

"Christie Books just relaunched the Anarchist Film Archive, an easy to use online streaming, and has a ton of rare and hard to find films, documentaries and historical archives from early 20th century until our days. Originall…"

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Im Kontext der -Besetzung hält Stadt& Land an den Anzeigen fest. Die hat nun Vorladungen verschickt. Was tun?
1) Keinen Kontakt schriftlich/ mündlich mit Cops
2) Melde dich bei uns/ Ermittlungsausschuss/ Rote Hilfe Berlin
3) Achtet auf Termine!

Die Besetzer*innen des gehen davon aus, dass es ab morgen (05.11) wieder zu einer erneuten Räumung kommen wird. Es wird viele Menschen, Unterstützung & Solidarität brauchen, um eine Räumung erneut aufzuhalten. Also hin da!

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Silahlanmayan Ölür, Ölmeyenlerse Canlı Canlı Cezaevlerine Gömülür

Ulrike Meinhof

The fact is that the working masses are roused to a high pitch of excitement by the social evils in Russian life, but we are unable to gather, if one may so put it, and concentrate all these drops and streamlets of popular resentment that are brought forth to a far larger extent than we imagine by the conditions of Russian life, and that must be combined into a single gigantic torrent.

Lenin: What Is to Be Done?[13]

"Proleter bilinç ve gücün emperyalist yapıların yok ettiği yerlerde BİRLİK gerçeklik kazanır."

"Anarchy: a methodology for engaging in direct struggle, a framework for embracing conflict, an art of war towards liberation."

Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target Users Interested in “White Genocide” — Even in Wake of Pittsburgh Massacre

Indymedia: **Eviction of the Swamp starts today. Come to support**

"Support the Swamp! The eviction of the Swamp has started. It won't be that easy. The Swamp will resist. Lock ons and a monopot tower await the cops. Come to the swamp and support! Timeline:"

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Flyposter in solidarity to imprisoned anarchist comrade Aggeliki Spyropoulou (Greece)

Write to Aggeliki:

Aggeliki Spyropoulou
Dikastiki Fylaki Korydallou
Gynaikeies Fylakes
T.K. 18110

RT A state representative-elect from Bolsonaro´s party has even called on students to film and report teachers who make “political-partisan or ideological statements.”

Hello fediverse,
what would you think about #hambibleibt starts to switch from surveillance capitalist proprietary centralistic platforms such as #facebook and #twitter to an self organized federated alternative such as the fediverse?
Would anyone be interested in building up a campaign that connects both struggles?
#hambibleibt got mainstream attention (in germany) and international attention.
(movment that is protecting a forest under the motto 'system change not climate change)

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