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I think I'm moving to Not sure yet, but feel free to follow @regal just in case!

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Forgot to finish my post yesterday,,,apologies in advance for the hashtags!

I'm a hobbyist + artist from Seattle, now in South
Biggest hobbies: , , , , , socializing, listening to and playing music! I play viola, piano, ukulele and otamatone 😏

actively working to improve Texas politics, esp for women and fellow folk!

Cheers! πŸ˜ƒ 😎

Just a reminder that I've moved to @regal, and any other who joined here on social may want to considering migrating as well~

@regal update: I did this. Please follow there from here on out!

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I think I'm moving to Not sure yet, but feel free to follow @regal just in case!

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I hope Masto furries get into the good habit of using the tag b/c it's really nice having a chill dedicated thread beside the crazy local TL

Now that social has kind of exploded (again), I'm starting to see the appeal of moving to another instance...local is moving just a bit too fast for me :,)

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mastodon's just a big chat room. log on, toot some shit, log out.

Watchin' videos on my lunch break~
I love the Dungeon Dudes -- really neat, relatively new DnD channl. Definitely recommend their guides!

Heck yeah visiting Missouri this weekend lol

I'm so ideologically *other* from my home state at this point but I'm still really fond of it

Every once in a while I re-discover Over The Garden Wall and its incredible soundtrack,,,so lovely

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Sketched my Dragonborn Paladin, Zola last night. I really love her -- I'm excited to keep adding personality.

#Furry #dnd #scalie

Being cold and living in south Texas shouldn't be a thing. It's the ONE good part of this move

Did some good drawings today...trying to decide if I should keep going or head home

At the gym but feeling lazy. What a mood lol

As I get back into Mastodon, gotta decide on a mobile app...Tootdon or Amaroq? I've got both and both are good...just gotta play with both and see I guess! Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Man I really need to get back into the habit of listening to podcasts! My life tasks and work have gotten more...cerebral? Less repetitive--and that's been making podcasts less viable

I miss Seattle, but the one thing it didn't have was good thunderstorms! Texas is definitely providing~

Oh shit I just remembered I get to see Star Wars today! nice nice nice.

A coworker has an ultrawide monitor and his background is a closeup of Gaston flexing and I'm trying to figure out what it means

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