We're looking for help translating the new regolith-linux.org site into other languages. If you'd like to help out but are unsure of where to start, please comment on your issue of interest and we'll work with you!

Requests: github.com/regolith-linux/rego

Here it is! Regolith On Stage v0.5 with i3 bar block management, desktop integration and more. All available via a PPA. Get it now: regolith-on-stage.org. Release notes here: regolith-on-stage.org/releases. More ricing, still no staging!

Almost there for v0.5. The i3 block management now has a preview of the i3 bar: youtu.be/cWUXassXCxM. So you instantly know how it will look!

Many people have been requesting a PPA. The work is in progress as you can see here: gitlab.com/regolith-on-stage/r. It will be ready very soon. Stay tuned!

Let's create a Regolith Mastodon community! If you use (or would like to use) Regolith Linux, please boost this toot to reach other Regolith users.

Reply with a comment of your choice and include the words "follow me". We will follow you because I think it's cool for a project account to follow all its users.

Thanks for sharing and spreading, 1.4 release is coming and it's awesome!

v0.5 i coming soon with i3 blocks management. Check out the preview: youtube.com/watch?v=EmGy-XPUp1. More @regolith ricing without staging!


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