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Yesterday I discovered a test that was basically a no-op because of a subtle typo. Today I discovered that I had made a similar mistake in one of my own tests. Programming is hard and our tools betray us.

Subway Tooter is a very utilitarian app but I appreciate that it supports multiple accounts. Toot at me and now I'll get notifications on my phone. Still looking forward to the web client supporting Web Push. I've been enjoying the PWA for birdsite.

I'd love to see more of the awesome web platform and infosec chat we get on birdsite over here on Mastodon.

Just think about the amount of space you have for code snippets!

Every morning when one of the cats notices I'm awake he comes into my room to snuggle with me. I'm still working on training him that snuggling should not involve claws.

Just fixed a 3+ year old bug with a one-line patch. Nice way to start the week.

The federated timeline is cool to watch but at some point there will be too many users and we will need to be able to filter it by language, region or other things for it to remain useful.


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If Japan has discovered and decided to embrace Mastodon I'm not sure if that means it is destined for success or doomed.

Saw "Your name." tonight. Would highly recommend. Can't say much more without spoilers.


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