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This account is mainly for my thoughts and opinions. For tech stuff, follow my Twitter instead.

The Notkia is dead. For now. But I'm a very stubborn person and no one can make me give up. Until I realized that RSD is a thing now, the incidents caused by it are usually handled by my 'firewall' - it will launch offensive actions before I could become a "people pleaser". e.g. I can find out who unfollowed me and block them very quickly. For now, the firewall will be restricted to only deal with these arrogant 'normal' humans, and I will deal with everything else by myself - for people that worth it.

An alarming situation: The conservatives are continuously giving birth by conventional marriage/sex as usual, but we evolved humans are not doing these as much as they do. We need to find a way to prevent us from extinction in the next century.

This account is mainly for my thoughts and opinions. For tech stuff, follow my Twitter instead.

What if the Robotnik and the Borg were autistic people that were lived under extreme life stress from neurotypical people?

It's impossible to make a human brain completely unbiased. There are hundreds of different hormones that can affect our brains' operations. If you attempt to remove the hormones, the body will get ill. How disappointing.

Take precautions: contact your friends, get to know if law works. Do physical exercises: you can run faster and farther. Learn some information security basics: no one can help you if your parents can hack into your phone/computer. Better hack them to know their next steps.

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People, especially younger people, if you believe you have lazy and shitty parents, you should keep an eye on these hell places - they do exist in many countries around the world. Take precautions, do physical exercises, and learn some information security basics.

Okay. I'll post things that are likely to be silently removed by Twitter's AI here.


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