If you are running a tracker add on in your browser.

You will discover that there are 0 trackers- tracking your activities on Mastodon.
IMO -that one fact alone, makes it worth having an account here.

Thirty-*cough* year old software guy standing in front of a compiler and asking it to love me. Interests: computers, music, games, cocktails, doin' capitalism a frighten. Not necessarily in that order.

A hearty welcome to all those fleeing the bird site labor camps. Welcome to the off world, free commune of Mastodon

Nazis are literally not allowed on mastodon and I'm here for it.

i'm particularly thrilled at the performance of mastodon's clearly superior tweetdeck. There's a quarter of memory usage involved and it doesn't, you know, crash constantly if you put it into the background.

So mastodon is basically queer socialist Twitter and I'm here for it.


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