Starting a new job at Stripe today!

I'm in the SF Soma area if anyone out there has suggestions. Will be here for a couple weeks for onboarding.


@twisterghost oh cool, hi! I think I'm like, right around the corner from you (at Slack) (but not right now because I took a day off to yell about hockey, my manager is great)

@relsqui Oh nice! If you have any restaurant or bar suggestions, lemme know. And if you're comfortable with it, I'm happy to meet up at some point and discuss the finer points of why TaZ: Balance is the greatest story in modern history

@twisterghost haha if you're okay with running the risk of me rambling about hockey instead I'm down (and if you're not I honestly respect that, lol). Southside on Howard is nice, as is Thirsty Bear. I like Heyday on Natoma for quick lunches, it's pretty tasty and usually not mobbed!

@relsqui lunch might be a little tough because I've got a really full schedule during the work day, but if you want to go some place after work sometime, I'm open to ideas. My temporary roommate and I have just been exploring around Soma so far and gone to a few bars and restaurants.

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