uspol-adj ++, computers, a little schadenfreude 

"Why are you loyal to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?" because their response to a sudden burst of signups this month begins with this and gets better from there:

"So, a bunch of people suddenly discovered they care deeply about free speech immediately after a handful of racists faced even mild consequences for plotting a literal insurrection.

That does not reflect well on those people."


uspol-adj ++, computers, a little schadenfreude 

for context, NFSN's whole deal is making it really cheap to put something online. I won't quite say "cheap and easy," because it's very no-frills -- which is how it stays cheap -- but I've still always interpreted the spirit as making it very easy to publish things because that's an important thing to be able to do. they're also big advocates for online privacy and free speech.

easy to see why a bunch of racists thought it would be safe for them!

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uspol-adj ++, computers, a little schadenfreude 

and it's very much in that same spirit that this isn't a milquetoast PR statement. I'm sure it's equally carefully and thoughtfully worded, but with a different goal: it is a clear, precise, and direct "fuck you" to the racists.

imagine the world we'd have if more people were willing to do that.

anyway, I would recommend NearlyFreeSpeech.NET for webhosting to anyone who's comfortable putting files on a server without a web interface, and especially if you have a low-traffic site that you only need pennies of bandwidth for, not dollars. I've been using them happily for years!

and in the spirit of being equally clear and direct: this is not an invitation to talk to me about free speech, politics, or computers (unless you have followup questions about using NFSN)

please don't make me delete the post this time

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