I'm really enjoying Thousand Year Old Vampire, a solo rpg about living long enough to forget who you were before timhutchings.itch.io/tyov

telling you about my character 

I played a game last night about a Sumerian potter who fled to Egypt after he turned; he did all right for himself as a merchant, operating through a mortal servant who accompanied him from Uruk, and hiding his ox horns under elaborate wigs when he brought rich gifts to the wife of an absent sea captain. But his demonic grandsire lulled him with an offer of peace, and the demon left him helpless in the open desert at sunrise. RIP Nihor, who forgot he was once Ashane

telling you about my character 

One of the first things Ashane did after turning was kill his family and turn his daughter. I kept hoping she'd find him, but they never saw each other again. Now I'm playing another game as her, to find out why.

So far she's mostly been hiding with a fisherman thrall from his vengeful family; they fled west to Iberia, instead of south.

I'm spending a lot of time on Wikipedia, which the book actively encourages. ("Who lived in Iberia during the Iron Age??")

I think the expectation of the rulebook is that your character starts somewhere in the middle ages so the later prompts are in something close to the present day, but I started in like 2000bce because I felt like it and have yet to bring a character into the common era. It's certainly possible -- time is very flexible in this game -- but I have trouble skipping ahead when it doesn't prompt me to, I get invested in the short-term stories.

Figuring out how to name characters has been an interesting adventure.


Stories aside, I think this game is mechanically great. It only has a few moving parts, and they serve double duty as guiding flavor and expendable resources. Much like For the Queen, the printed prompts do a lot of the heavy lifting to set the tone, gracefully enough to carry you along with them.

@relsqui it sounds pretty good! Will have to check this out.

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