fish out of water (literal, also selfie) 

caught this today! in a local reservoir, my second time fishing ever. my friend is a good teacher and was very excited for me, this was our best of the day by far

success 😌 it's not the most creative design I've ever built, but it fits its neighborhood well and will accommodate the rapid growth of the village! (I still want to put stone footings on the pillar bases and swap in some mossy cobblestone in a few places, but I forgot about it -- next time)

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Ended up doing some of both! Built patios and paths to connect a few small buildings into a more unified base, and added a semi-auto crop farm based on a Mysticat tutorial. Now I like this brick-and-iron look better than the andesite I was using so I'm going to redo a lot of today's work to match. 😂

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best crochet thing so far (selfie no ec) 

I've been wanting to learn how to make cables for a while. it's tricky but I liked this pattern enough to keep trying and then I got used to it 😤

nuttall's woodpecker today, I think! I see and hear them around sometimes but I've never been quick enough to get a photo before

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oh I forgot to include the one I'm actually having trouble with, which is the duck on the left here. it hangs out with the mallards but doesn't look like a mallard. (not even a lady mallard, like the photo on the right.) best guess I've got from photos is lady redhead but I know those aren't common so I'm not confident in it. who knows ?

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I bought a tiny zoom lens for my phone -- it's just a cheap telescope and a cheaper plastic clamp. not expecting to take art photos with it, but I've been dabbling in birding and thought it might be handy for faraway IDs. I took it out for practice yesterday and mostly learned that distance is not usually the limiting factor (position/movement and lighting are) but still had fun learning to use the thing.

aforementioned space 

lookitit! shelves here would double my pantry capacity

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quarantine, capitalism, griping at the news 

oh my god they're so close to getting it and yet so far

"so much of our world relies on kids being in school and parents being able to work" so when those things become dangerous, the change we need to make is ... disregarding ... the danger ... 🤦‍♂️

left, game screen, right, debug output narrating the life of the highlighted gardener critter (on the right side of ground level)

(the awkward "and I have what I need" is because I'm working on "if you don't have it, go get it from storage" behavior at the moment)

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most of the stuff I've been working on the last couple of days has been under the hood, apart from one of the most satisfying gifs I've ever recorded

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I was gonna make it so they can only stay underwater for so long without taking damage, but making them buoyant/susceptible to current and having water flow destroy plants and lightweight structures turns out to be plenty dangerous on its own

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