the instructions say "microwave for 4-5 minutes." you microwave it for:

@dheadshot idk if he's on fedi but if anyone knows the answer to this it's Marcin Wichary

vague ph- 

can people I know stop getting hurt and sick please

I think everybody's going to be fine but ... there've been a bunch all at once that aren't yet

@skirts hmm I just remembered a local sushi place has macaron ice cream sandwiches

might be sushi night

@cincodenada oh that changes my answer from "depends" to "should not," because that's what it depends on for me (are the config files in question normally dotfiles)

@skirts ah yeah. those are trickier, but still doable I bet! I think it's mostly "beat a bunch of air into them and don't let it fall back out again." and maybe piping?

@skirts I should double check -- did you mean the coconutty ones or the round meringue ones? (two diff cookies with roughly the same name.) I've made the first one a bunch and it's simpler than it seems. haven't made the second one though

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@skirts you ever make them? they're way easier than it seems like they would be for how good they are

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@skirts if you make a pitch high and it gets accepted do you have to write the book high

@shoofle the base game is a blockbuster budget, painstakingly detailed, photorealistic AAA fishing simulation

I don't know how much Justin Roberts gets paid but it's not enough.

selling a barely used headset (that is too small for my big-set head 😔), Germany & EU 

@kirby this wouldn't fit me either but it's ADORABLE

my biggest problem in this game right now is I'm ahead of the person I talk lore with, so if I keep going it'll only make it longer until I can discuss it, but *I need to know what happens*

but then I'm only gonna wanna talk about it more

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... and then they pivot smoothly from all that to goofy slapstick.

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example with vague spoilers 

I'm particularly enjoying how they manage they player's trust.

a supposed enemy claims they come in peace and want to help us. are they telling the truth? sometimes.

there's a slow dramatic shot of a servant preparing a drink for a person of power. is it poisoned? sometimes.

once I've seen both outcomes happen, my nervousness and uncertainty the next time it comes up is absolutely genuine. I'm not used to stories playing me that well, especially in games!

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some of the reasons for that are structural -- they build slowly on thematic groundwork from the very beginning, and keep meaningfully returning to places and people we met before instead of treating each expansion as a blank slate.

some of it's plain old effective writing, though, and the voice acting/animation/music that deliver it. a villain explains why they're the hero, really, if you think about it, and their case is legitimately compelling. that's refreshing.

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