Any recommendations for a low resource and low maintenance alternative to Mastodon I can run on a server of my own for just 1 or 2 users?

I'm currently considering alternatives to m.s, one of which is running my own solo instance.
Unfortunately I just don't really have the resources to run something memory and storage intensive, or the headspace to spend a lot of time maintaining and managing it...

On the other hand I'd also rather not risk having to migrate again another year down the line.

@FiXato I just stumbled upon the other day.
Haven't tried it, but from the description it could match your requirements.

@remaster that does sound very promising indeed.
and it being just plain files means I can also just grep and jq the files to easily find things in my backlog :)

And while I'm not fluent in , I do know enough to be able to read most of it, and to hack in my own tweaks or debug if necessary.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a closer look in the coming days. :)

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