Wait... is there no way to install #PHP 7.4 under #Ubuntu 22.04? I just need it temporarily so I can upgrade #Nextcloud...


@woozle I think you have to get it from a third party repository. This is perhaps the most popular: launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive

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@remaster I've installed that over the default Ubuntu PHP package, but there's still only PHP 8.1 available as far as I can tell. The page you linked does clearly state that 7.4 is included, but there are no instructions on how to invoke it.

I found the 7.4 package in Synaptic and tried to install it from there, but apt became unhappy and reverted the change.


Still working on the official install/compile...

cc: @clarfonthey

@remaster @clarfonthey @tanghus

That just ended up breaking Apache in a way I've never seen before. Backing out of that path.

@woozle @clarfonthey @tanghus Oh no. 🙈 Well I have done it a few times, never get it right the first time…

@woozle @clarfonthey @tanghus You might have to use a2enmod and a2dismod to toggle which php-version should be used with apache. That’s not mentioned in that article.

@remaster @clarfonthey @tanghus

I was able to get PHP 7.4 to compile. Now I just have to clean up the mess left by my attempt to use the ondrej PPA.

@woozle @clarfonthey @tanghus Hope it didn’t summon too many d(a)emons to the system 😅

@remaster @clarfonthey @tanghus

I'm trying not to dæmonize #Nextcloud about this, but...

...their insistence on doing a file-integrity check before every upgrade (with no option to disable) prevents me from disabling the version check -- even though Nextcloud actually runs fine under PHP 8.1 when I do.

@woozle @clarfonthey @tanghus I see. I think you can upgrade it from command line too using their “occ” tool, that would eliminate apache from the problem…

@remaster @clarfonthey @tanghus

occ also does an integrity check, and refuses to run under 8.x unless the version check is disabled (which breaks the integrity check).

@woozle @clarfonthey @tanghus Ah, but on the command line you manually run occ using a specified phpversion, like so:
“php7.4 occ upgrade”, that should work? 🤔

@remaster @clarfonthey @tanghus

I was pursuing that (I've got it set up so 7.4 is the default for CLI, even though Apache seems to be stuck on 8.1), but occ is somehow broken now.

@woozle Sorry if I got you into such a mess. I looked it up because I have also just upgraded to 22.04 and got curious.

@tanghus Naah, no worries. ^.^ The instructions you provided helped eliminate some diagnostic forks. I had already installed the PPA.

@remaster @clarfonthey @tanghus

It looks like I made two incorrect presumptions -- and, as we all know, when you presume, you make a "pres" out of u and me... and nobody wants that.

incorrect presumption #1: if php occ with no options gives an ugly-looking code error, then it's obviously too broken to do anything else. (reality: php occ upgrade ran fine even under that circumstance.)
incorrect presumption #2: occ upgrade does the same file-integrity checks that the web upgrader does. (reality: actually, no, it doesn't)

So I was able to do the upgrade manually, after fixing a few minor issues along the way, and our home server's Nextcloud now appears to be Successfully Unfucked! 🎉

I must remember to upgrade cloud.vbz before distro-upgrading that server....

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