It turns out that many cards from 2xx series were affected by that issue. Many people managed to fix that by reflowing solder by baking their GPUs in an oven.

I've got a GTX 295. It crashes to a black screen sometimes when it works longer, even if not in-game. It doesn't show artefacts in games. I've tested it on many driver versions.
My PSU seems to have enough power to handle all components. I have a decent MB.

Do you know what might cause that odd behaviour?

Do you know any good antivirus solution for ?

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Here is the mastodon placeholder icon in its full svg glory in case anybody needs it:

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Yay, first PR by @Tak is merged! Better ergonomics for CW button
Welcome to the family :D

(and thx @ConnyDuck)

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Have you got some smart ideas of practical programming exercises for a beginner?

@Tusky So, are you ready for theming enhancements? 😁 I'll do some tests, but for now, you can see it in action on this video:

Hey, @Tusky!
I love your app. It's everything I need for using on . Unfortunately, I have absolutely no money to support this project.
So, I decided to add little improvement.

What would you guys say for Auto Day/Night mode (I use it in every app, where it's available) for Tusky? I successfully added this feature to current revision and it's probably ready to merge. So, are you interested in this feature? 😁

Do I actually need avatar on or any other social media? Is it OK to leave it as is?

Hmm… Maybe I could run something like Qubes and create one environment for general work and one for trusted applications? Is it OK to disable isolation on host OS and let guest OSes do it on their owns?


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