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Hi mastodonians(?) I'm Renato, I'm an Italian living and working in Switzerland, I'm a sysadmin/devop by trade, I dabble in game design and like to think and talk about games. And food. And language and languages. And tech.

And a boatload of other stuff.

Check out my game A Scoundrel in the Deep that I wrote with my friend Flavio where you tell stories and play with (literal) fire:

and get it PWYW at PayHip

Seen the various warnings about being defederated... I'm unaware of any problems going on because I basically never watch the instance feed, but this is bothersome. I already moved twice for various reasons, this aspect of Mastodon is annoying.

Anyway... Where should I go?
@kensanata is your instance reliable and pleasant enough?

If you hate philosophy then you're like 75% of the way to being a philosopher already, sorry

Productivity music today (except when I get distracted because they look too cool):

TIL: in Swiss Italian the word "budget" is pronounced the French way ("bùjeh", roughly).


Nice to see a rep from @protonmail this evening during the News on RSI (about the suspects on Huawei).

RT @EliseSchmelzer
A new program in Denver that sends a paramedic+a mental health expert to 911 calls instead of police launched amid calls for alternatives to policing. So far, the van has taken more than 350 calls without once having to call in police backup:

Speaking of - has a detailed breakdown of thumb-drive encryption methods.

The most probable threat to our data is theft or loss. Doing something about that today will protect you when it happens.

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Librarians of the world, what is your favorite part of your job? What is your least favorite part of your job? What is a thing about your job that you wish people knew?

Alright, the "let's wait and see what happens with #keybase after zoom acquisition" uncertainty has been resolved:

- the keybase client repository hasn't seen activity in months
- their twitter account has just been deleted

Time to get your keys out of there and move on. With no new auditing and patching, the platform is dead.

Can we please, please – PLEASE! not make the nonsensical US date format month/day/year the default in applications? 🤦‍♂️


And to all users of that format: it makes no sense, it's counter-intuitive, it makes collaboration frustrating, it introduces inconsistencies and errors... Just stop. Please. Use international standards.
(And don't get me started on your other units of weights, volumes and distances. Bloody hell.)

Boost if I'm right.

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