monospace font recommendation 

Fira Code makes a big deal of their programming ligatures, but I like it because it’s sans and readable and light but cute

look at that open-tail kitty ‹g› :)

sadly, for multilingual users, it has only the most common European precomposed chars (no ‹ẽ› or ‹ǎ› for ex.). curiously, combining sequences look fine for most of them.

monospace font recommendation 

for the record, some new "coding ligatures" fonts that have decent international support:



(from parent Source Code Pro)

(from parent Menlo)

Victor Mono

found via

I like the _idea_ of Victor Mono but I think Iosevka looks better…none of them are as cute as Fira :(

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monospace font recommendation 

@elilla oh interesting, I need to check them out when I'm on my computer. I'm using Fira Code now (patched for PowerLine) but I'll definitely try them

monospace font recommendation 

@renatoram only problem with Fira Code is it lacked some pretty basic, everyday use characters like ẽ, ǚ, ɚ, ǫ, etc.

iosevka in Fira mode gives me the same general feel (including kitty 'g') while permitting the writing of words in human languages 😌 also the italics are simply better.

(now what I really would like would be a crossover between Iosevka Curly and Iosevka SS05 'Fira' for maximum cuteness, but a girl can't have everything.)


monospace font recommendation 

@elilla hmm I never use those diacritics but I'm happy to know a comprehensive (and pretty) font exists for those who need them!

Also, better italics? Considering I just finished wrangling tmux to actually show them, I appreciate! 😊

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