Looks like this will be the first year for me without buying a new iPhone 🤔

Sitting in my holiday home in Sweden, watching my camera create a time lapse video. How’s your morning? 🤓 mastodon.social/media/V6j7PwyA

👍🏻 What has two thumbs and now almost four weeks of vacation? 👍🏻

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Hi! I'm making Tusk, a rather nice Mastodon client for iOS. If you want to test, sign up at tusk-boarding.herokuapp.com 😁

The iPhone that cried “iOS update available”.

Did Eminem just release an album unannounced and totally out of the blue?

I didn’t follow Mastodon a lot in the last couple of days (busy time before vacation), so I didn’t really notice what happened with Wil Wheaton. Feels like a problem right out of Twitter to me. I’m surprised this happened so quickly here, and kinda bummed out. Maybe social media is just a mistake all by itself.

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After N26, Revolut is now also offering a “premium” metal card. I find it quite ironic that these digital banks are trying to outbid each other with physical luxury cards (both for an equally steep price) while their primary customers are actively moving away from physical cards altogether, towards Apple Pay etc.

Are people seriously expecting the next iPhone to be called “iPhone XX”? How is that supposed to be pronounced? “iPhone Ten Ten”? I don’t think so.

If you're a highly qualified software developer, but you're an asshole, you're not a highly qualified software developer.

Just a few hours into the 1Password 7.2 beta (with native password auto fill) and I can’t believe it ever worked differently. I want this on the Mac. Yeah, it has always been more convenient with the browser plugins, but this is just a night and day difference. Holy cow.

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