The fully passive cooled Intel 12900T machine is not breaking a sweat despite the weather. The air cooled i7 of the laptop meanwhile... well.

I'm in many ways an r/fuckcars type of guy, and this wonderful article makes a great summary about the topic.

I do automatic updates of project dependencies via Renovate in all the projects I work. That's nice, though my activity chart on makes it look like I never have weekends or holidays.

Or let's just say: I love all hot takes on LinkedIn because they are often nice-washed words and totally pointless except from the perspective of marketing. LinkedIn is a marketing platform because it doesn't make any other sense to pollute the internet to let everyone know that everything at work is :"exciting" and "awesome".

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I love UX/UI hot takes on LinkedIn, because you can be sure they are as inaccurate as the example they try to proof as being wrong.

Migrated visual regression tests of 230 HTML pages from jest-image-snapshots to Microsoft's Playwright and look at that: Broke time for running the tests from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes.

I love to read the changelog of postcss-preset-env, because there is always something to learn. For those not knowing the tool, it processes CSS into a backward compatible definition based on a list of browser versions you want to support.

Today I checked how <at>layer is made backwards compatible.

Having a 32 inch display as a 90 degree rotated second display is way too much but here I am.

Go ahead and hire something called Fullstack-Developer, so that when the person leaves, you have multiple problems to solve instead of only one.

I love to repeat that: In the definition of “deadline” on Wikipedia it says “In some cases, no materials can be submitted after the deadline” and in the web industry, that's often a common rule among agencies. I have a much better experience meeting with clients frequently and set small goals based on priorities. Call it sprints or mini projects. My stress levels are on an all-time low and my clients seem happy as they see progress instead of waiting for it to be “finished”.

I don't understand how people that do not use calendar invites manage their work life.

At some point in the last year, I criticized the code mess of Angular Material Design websites based on an example of a simple HTML checkbox. Someone downplayed it by defending the case as people working for Google/Microsoft “are highly talented engineers” and know what they are doing. That argument lacks the reality check: Even long-time professionals make bad decisions that lead to poor performance and bad accessibility. Just stop creating idols based on company names.

I still can't get over the fact that a soft hyphen in HTML is &shy;

If you're a web developer who is using MDN daily and can afford 50 bucks a year, I believe this is a good spend.

One of the best time investments regarding the projects for my clients was to get those docker-compose files right from the beginning and use some Make files. It's incredible relaxing being able to open a project directory and run one easy to remember make command, then have a whole monorepo up and running, from PHP to node and whatever database is in use.


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