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Long-Ass Bitch @repeatedvs

Okay, I’m building entries now for the site. Queer/POC/Marginalized creators of any kind, if you’d like to have an entry on thequeer.community please email me at submission@thequeer.community.

I’d like to build a website for people to find marginalized creators of any kind. Youtubers, comic artists, streamers, physical goods makers, cooks; if you make something I’d like to add you.

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The only thing I’d need is a short blurb about yourself and your work; photos/videos/anything else you’d like added to the entry, and relevant links to yourself and your work.

I have zero intention of making money from this. There will be no patreon account or ads on the site. I’m not a web developer so it’s not going to be extremely fancy or anything, but I want to do SOMETHING and this is what I can do.

I’m in the middle of building it right now, so it’ll be a bit of time before I have it live, but I hope to have it populated with some entries and publicly available as soon as I can.

I’ll have a twitter made up and working soon. It’s @queer_community. If you have questions or anything email me at contact@thequeer.community. Or on my personal twitter @repeatedvs.

I have these for categories right now but if you can think of anything else lemme know and I’ll add it.