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I don’t usually do dark, straight-up horrific stuff like this, but I was in that kind of headspace and thought I might as well. I was thinking about something I’d read about the recruiting tactics of white nationalists, and I wanted to capture that specific malevolent energy without using any over wn symbolism.

loudly announcing "I go where the revolution needs me" before vanishing into the bathroom for 6 hours

I personally love when a Radical Revolutionary Movement is called like "The Group" or "The Cause" when in fact real life revolutionaries call themselves shit like "The Real Legitimate Revolutionary Party For Justice"

@sexybenfranklin @LuigiEsq weeg is actually every user on every instance, constantly at war within himself

anyone got a roomba they wanna donate to the cause?

Starwalls' Moustache Coming Out Of Their Avi To Shame Mastodonkind

a Fediverse terminator, sent from the future, bursts through my door and shoots me dead just before I press the 'toot!' button on a post that says ' i love to have gay sex.'

How cheap can I get a broken roomba. I don't need it to actually hoover or nothing im gunna jailbreak the fuck out of it

condemning the violence from both sides, femboy roombas AND the inglorious basterds

if y'all haven't cancelled me yet, I'm just here to inform you:

I have a mustache. make of this what you will.

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