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Anime icons don't have opinions. Soviet Propaganda icons, instead

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gonna do some posts from the future Show more

if i go bald i'll tattoo an AR code for dril's blog on my head

There's no drug that I can take
That will keep me from being awake

waluigi levels are 74% and steady

(74%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘β–‘β–‘

gonna do some posts from the future Show more

dum dee dum dee
dum da dum dee
da dum dee da
da dum dee dee da

a reason to cancel me: I have a thrasher shirt but I can't even skate

every shape is a triangle if you think about it wrong

when they talked about sending us to the camps i didnt know it would be like this

what do you call someone who uses magic to help them sleep? Show more

terrible. terrible. I hate it because I survive off attention

this is the official Night Twink stan account

i feel it's important the fediverse know about an adult webcomic called Night Twink which used to exist

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