100 boosts and I'll put "Wankie Tankie" in my description

This is not a fucking game, 200 boosts and "Wankie Tankie" becomes my screen name

@007 The people must be bringers of their own destruction

@requrious just change your screenname to Wankie Tankie and tell anyone who asks "there's some kind of federation problem with the boost count :/ I did get 200 though :/"

Sometimes there are fights worth fighting for, @MrJimmy

@requrious I’m hearing this to the tune of “Wango Tango”

All the more reason to piss off Ted Nugent

@islander I don't know him, but when we'll reach the meta he will stop dishonoring his cowboy hat

@requrious dishonor as much as possible, dude is an ultra conservative chunderfuck with a gun fetish.

oh and he’s a sex pest too.

@requrious we are perilously close to Wankie Tankie. I can feel it in my bones.

@requrious for the past few months this keeps floating down my timeline and it's just as disgusting every time I see it

I boosted, of course

@zardoz @puffinus_puffinus it has clearly gotten out of my control, what else can I say

@puffinus_puffinus @zardoz as if y'all don't desire it with your whole heart and spit

@requrious okay but it has 69 boost right now, I think you have to do it

@Awizadofearthsea From .social it's 89-90 boosts right now, we did 69 in november I think

@requrious huh, okay, I didn't realize that the instance I am on affects the boosts I can see, because it def says 69 for me right now. Well, good, even closer

@requrious do the boosts go away once cryptids go offline or do i get to help 2x

According to my data, it's our fellow ever loving fish-fucker @cuttlefish from his brand new account!


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