sure @italianamericanfanpage on tumblr changed a lot in a year

I dunno folks this one seems too horny to be homophobic

if any italian furry minds to explain it I'm all ears

this post sure lost a lit of its original boost once snouts mysteriously imploded on itself

Not a furry, but I know a lot of people from both cities and like.. is it false though?

@requrious I mean some horny gay people are straight. it could always be horny and homophobic

@requrious My husband is from a family from Naples and has a canine fursona but my boyfriend is from a family from Pula and has a Tokifuji image as his avatar right now. This image is terrifying. May I never see something this prescient again.

@requrious I can feel with my very soul your finger hovering over the unfollow button for this post and I can't say I blame you

@Morgan this post is what sparked it. Later it turned into basically a sitcom written by yours truly, the posts of which I'm trying to find because I very foolishly didn't bookmark them.

@requrious it’s pretty self evident. And accurate, in my admittedly limited experience.

@WinnieWolf42 thanks for your submission, it will be recorded and reviewed according to C.I.A. / DMCA joint operations protocols

@jordyd @requrious what the hell. feels like its been here for a lot longer

@requrious Naples is stereotypically roug, Milan is stereotypically metrosexual. But all Italians can lick their own genitals. <3

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