this is low quality night, directly from my facebook feed

[cw: elon musk face, ec]

another one from the partidu stash, more universal maybe

[cw: emetophobia]

didn't update this thread for too long, so here's one straight from 2019

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@requrious This is simultaneously low quality and high quality, I love this shitty meme

@requrious can't believe they went with 'neon genesis philosophy' and not the clearly superior 'neon genesis dialectics'

@FirstProgenitor @requrious they're actually his best work, like unironically. they're breakdowns of media and ideology in a very snappy way with lots of segments that tie together with a central theme. it's his only non meme tier work and quite interesting

@CornishRepublicanArmy @requrious the only think i know about him is that one debate he did and that meme i use all the time of him with the "i would prefer not to" shirt

@FirstProgenitor @requrious he is actually a serious academic who a lot of people take very seriously. I know that's hard to swallow, but it is true. he likes to show off and be a minor celeb too much is his problem, so he says dumb shit and like debates Jordon Peterson for the attention

@FirstProgenitor I've mainly heard of two, "The Pervert's Guide To Ideology" and "The Pervert's Guide To Cinema", I'm curious about the takes but I still have to see them

@requrious @FirstProgenitor they're hardly going to shake the reality around you, but for basic leftist media analysis they're really interesting

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@requrious I am pretty positive the US military forces will bring peace, Freedom (tm) and Real Democracy (tm) very soon to Columbia.

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