this is low quality night, directly from my facebook feed

[cw: elon musk face, ec]

another one from the partidu stash, more universal maybe

[cw: emetophobia]

didn't update this thread for too long, so here's one straight from 2019

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@requrious This is simultaneously low quality and high quality, I love this shitty meme

@requrious can't believe they went with 'neon genesis philosophy' and not the clearly superior 'neon genesis dialectics'

@FirstProgenitor @requrious they're actually his best work, like unironically. they're breakdowns of media and ideology in a very snappy way with lots of segments that tie together with a central theme. it's his only non meme tier work and quite interesting

@CornishRepublicanArmy @requrious the only think i know about him is that one debate he did and that meme i use all the time of him with the "i would prefer not to" shirt

@FirstProgenitor @requrious he is actually a serious academic who a lot of people take very seriously. I know that's hard to swallow, but it is true. he likes to show off and be a minor celeb too much is his problem, so he says dumb shit and like debates Jordon Peterson for the attention

@CornishRepublicanArmy @FirstProgenitor i don't follow him career but from what I've heard, iirc, isn't he like caught saying reactionary and especially Islamophobic shit but wrapped in progressive language?

@julia @FirstProgenitor see this is the thing, he just says hot takes so things like this happen where you're now talking about him. he was a leftist dissident in Yugoslavia who was trying to push for civil liberties and freedom of press, he's called himself a communist for decades and written dozens of books to back that up, then he just says shit like "people shouldn't care about bathrooms actually" on TV because he likes being talked about

@julia @FirstProgenitor I do too, which is why I am begging my man to shut the fuck up and stop trying to spit the hottest take of the hour he literally doesn't care about, will only say once, and then say another hot take tomorrow completely contradicting that. beyond that is a guy who has like a shit load of books about the ideology of neoliberalism and material relations under it, how it obfuscates relations, how ideology functions as a thing, all of which are radical texts that are good that you just can't recommend BECAUSE HE WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP

@julia @FirstProgenitor like LOOK at this "Slavoj Žižek: Britain’s royal wedding had an emancipatory subtext " he just SAYS this shit and then never goes back to the take again because he wants to be a fucking meme or something. he is a communist, has been a communist since he was raised in Yugoslavia, has written about and for communism as an academic for decades and he writes in Russia Today that the British royal wedding was woke, actually

@CornishRepublicanArmy @FirstProgenitor i totally understand where youre coming from and agree, but also, hm, doing many good things doesn't erase doing or saying something really shitty or harmful

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@FirstProgenitor I've mainly heard of two, "The Pervert's Guide To Ideology" and "The Pervert's Guide To Cinema", I'm curious about the takes but I still have to see them

@requrious @FirstProgenitor they're hardly going to shake the reality around you, but for basic leftist media analysis they're really interesting

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@requrious I am pretty positive the US military forces will bring peace, Freedom (tm) and Real Democracy (tm) very soon to Columbia.

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