strong contender for gayest non-sexual panel of 2020 goes to jordi lafebre on instagram

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@requrious oh yeah i mean look at the way this guy is looking at the fresh-faced young man

@requrious @esvrld i also love the guy with a georgia o’keeffe vagina flower tattooed on his arm

@JohnBrownJr @esvrld I missed that detail lmao

everyone is so thoroughly characterized you already know what's up with each of them

@requrious Without any context, asked my husband to tell me what energy it gave off and she immediately said "gay sailor energy??" so I think we have a winner

@requrious no one has mentioned the title yet in this thread......"the rookie"


furry-adjacent observation, i'm old 

@requrious this very nearly has the same energy as biohazard's mid-90s rat orgy art but way more tense because it's all just extremely palpable intent instead of action

furry-adjacent observation, i'm old 

@bassarisque thanks for your contribution, but I want links now

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