I set up a single-user instance at @retr0id@retr0.id, which I'll be using from here onwards, assuming my VPS can handle it.

Security through "that's illegal nobody would do that"

@evelyn I can't remember the precise details, but it reminds me of a story about how some company implemented "unsubscribe from mailing list" - removal requests got emailed to an overseas contractor, whose job it was to check their inbox daily, and manually construct an SQL query to remove them from the database. Except there were even more intermediate steps that somehow justified it being a multi-day process, I wish I could remember.

@evelyn I'm a fan of classic ipods, and even though they run rockbox very nicely, I actually quite like the stock firmware, mainly due to the nicer UX

Another genderless insult you can use when you desprately need a genderless insult 

@genderlessinsults wizard is kinda gendered, how about failmage

@alexandria If you write a popcnt in pure C, most modern compilers will detect it, and emit an actual popcnt instruction.

Auto-vectorisation also exists to take advantage of SIMD instructions automatically, although its often a challenge to get the compiler to "notice" that its possible. (I hear rust is better at this)

btw, I test code for newer arch's using qemu user-mode emulation (obviously you can't get meaningful perf metrics like that though)

Got the main gameplay graphics pretty close to pixel-perfect.

The only problem is, I just found out that The Tetris Company is infamously litigious, so I'll definitely have to dial back the similarity if I ever want to publish this project...

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I'm currently using sound effects ripped from tetris.com, and as you can see it's not very graphically interesting. At some point I'd like to make my own sound effects and artwork - I might go for a "drawn on paper" aesthetic.

Another big thing I need to work on is having proper game menus, with settings, highscores etc.

Oh and I forgot to mention, this is all written in Python with pygame.

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A lot of my programming hobby projects reach a "kinda works" stage, before I get distracted and move onto something else.

I'm currently working on (yet another) Tetris clone. Gameplay-wise, I've reached feature parity with the version playable on tetris.com (minus bonus scoring logic, and lock delay logic).

I'd like to keep working on this until it's really polished - hopefully I don't get distracted by another project in the meantime...


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