I knew both of my great grandmothers on my dad’s side. One of them spent the last few years of her life in my dad’s parents home, which we visited weekly.

My parents were in town this weekend. Yesterday they got to watch their youngest grandchild play in goal, then score goals in a lacrosse tournament. Today, they got to watch their oldest grandchild’s hockey team knock off the number 2 team in the division.

The one-two punch of “Calling on You” and “Free” is among the best in all of metal. Favorite track is “More Than a Man.”

Short take from last night’s Dune viewing:

I am very pleased. It’s not perfect, but nothing will be unless it gets a big-budget, multi-season series. For the limits of feature film, it’s great. And because it’s a Villeneuve film, utterly beautiful.

Because this is my only day off from licensing study, I am now seeing Dune on the big screen.

Both of Jason’s talks today were super. The afternoon session, “The Scandal of Grace,” was incredible. Check out all of Jason’s resources on his site: jasonjohnsonblog.com/

One of the joys and privileges of getting to host Tapestry Conference is getting to know our speakers and panelists. Joanna’s story is, unfortunately, all too normal, and among the reasons why we do what we do.

One of youngest’s spelling words for the week is “thirsty.” For an example sentence, I’ve been using “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

The reference is lost on him, but amuses me to no end.

I don’t remember if it was a Telecaster or a Stratocaster, but you can never have too many…

Or while prepping for a conference for foster and adoptive parents and the professionals who support them…

Foster and adoptive dads! Foundations in Fatherhood is for you! (And any other dads who would like better relationships with their kids.) Learn more here: mailchi.mp/875e7f7fb0e4/founda

“Innocent until proven guilty.” Accusations are now enough to ruin a person, with no proof to back them up.

The other is forgiveness. Once someone has been offended, there is no apology or appeasement that will satisfy.

I failed to note it at the time, but two weeks ago, I gazed upon the beauty of the Lady Galadriel in the Land of Lórien.

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