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just putting about 700 of these on my laptop

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@revenant I thought these were stamps at first

these should be stamps

@vantablack @revenant same! I was like "what in the world is in the background of this stamp for at least a minute before I noticed the windows logo at all

@revenant neeeed
(Actually don't need but looks noice so, I guess, need)

@revenant May we see a photo of the final result?

@revenant _nod_ gotcha. it would have been funny :-D

@revenant People makes these, or are them leftovers from a factory or something? :blobowo:

@revenant I am pretty sure I have a lappy in the basement with one of these standard, I will have to look in a bit

@djsundog @revenant I think my old Dell Inspiron that shipped with 98 has a sticker that denotes it's designed for 2000 and 98. Wonder how many combinations there are!

@revenant "Then we just plug in the scanner and *bsod* ....whoa...."

Bill Gates: "That must be why we aren't shipping Windows 98 yet."

@revenant THE HORROR! NOOOOOO. Those are soooo hard to get off.

@revenant I almost want a custom variant of that but I dunno what I'd put other than the stickers I already have on there lol

@revenant omg I'm so jealous, where did you find such an awesome and ridiculous ribbeon of stickers? 😍