boost if your gender is the USB logo

@robots @revenant I'm an old. Do you have anything in an RS-232C that only works if the connector's propped up off the table by an old film roll container?

I think my metaphor's gotten way away from me.

@Austin_Dern @robots i have some chopped up cables and a wire wrap tool, how's that

@revenant the heck does usb have to do with JavaScript

@fluffy @revenant
There probably are JS people who want it to do a lot with USB, but I'm too afraid to find out.

@revenant no that makes perfect sense, y’gotta flip it over several times to figure out how to get it to work.

@revenant looks more like tentacle pr0n to me...
Although I can think of several people who would be okay with that as their gender! :D

@revenant I too have a recurring problem where I keep having to turn over and over until it fits.

@revenant hah! Programmers are boys. Well... the arrow is part of the logo ... so... #feminism?

@revenant (just so people can see, although I'm sure it's just me that just found out about it, this exists too and is in the same vein: :> )

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