for years since randomly discovering it i have been enamored with this Doom II texture/sound mod some people made solely to express their anger at NBC for cancelling the 1994 sci-fi series "Earth 2"

@anotak it's like earth but better. that's why they had to destroy it

@anotak @revenant where was the protest WAD after firefly's cancellation

@revenant I took one for the team and decided to play it.

There's a bunch of text over Doom textures and a lot of sounds like "SUCK MY FUCKING DICK" and Don LaFontaine going "NBC SUNDAY" which will be burned into my brain forever at this point

@TonicBH i played it back when i first discovered it and it's wonderfully stupid

the "suck my fucking dick" sound is from axl rose ranting about music journalists or something in some G'n'R song, as i recall

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