the discord client updated! let's see what's new

- spoiler tags, which everyone will use and assume that you're able to see, even though you have to update discord in order for them to work and discord never notifies you when updates are available

- if you have multiple monitors, notification popups now show up on the wrong one and also on the wrong side of the screen

good stuff, keep it coming in 2019

update: after some further testing

- if discord is on my left-hand monitor, the notification popups show up in the bottom left corner of my right-hand monitor
- if discord is on my right-hand monitor, they appear to be spawning past the rightmost edge of the entire desktop, where i cannot see them

@revenant they're playing the long troll where they get everyone on the platform then suddenly start living up to their name

@revenant notifications appearing on the right-hand monitor occurs even if you only have one monitor, which discord does not consider to be the right one

@revenant special for linux users: "noise suppression" is broken because it thinks all input from your mic is noise and suppresses it all

@revenant the client force updates whenever it starts so spoiler tags should be visible to everyone soon ish

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