hard to believe a CR2025 couldn't keep 4 megabits of RAM powered for 20 years

on the other hand it's still interesting that this cart's PCB has a manufacture date of March 1999 which means Nintendo's "Game Processor" was around for even longer than i thought

i think i figured out how to control the write protect circuitry in this thing but i need to take a break before i actually check (and hope that i can do it properly with my testing setup anyway or if i should rig something up with the INL programmer instead)

oh wait, the INL programmer won't work anyway because it doesn't drive the master clock signal on the cart (yet?) oh well

heh heh heh hey beavis. check it out. i'm probing my multivibrator

ok i will try to this out before i go get dinner

oh, i forgot the PCB also has footprints for what looks like a write-enable (or just write) indicator LED so i wonder if there was at some point a special cart shell for that, or if that was just never used

it's really a shame that these are even more perilous than BS-X memory packs since it's just 4 megabits of SRAM and a battery that is virtually guaranteed to be dead by the time you find one on ebay

oh well, time to replace the battery and put something fake on there and sell it for a billion $$$ (not really)

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