maybe i could use my TinyFPGA for some kind of silly C64 userport or expansion device

problem being i still don't have a c64 and my girlfriend's is in another state

alternately i'd kinda like to design just a homebrew (E)EPROM cartridge with I/O-based memory mapping, possibly either modeled after contemporary game cartridges (e.g. by Ocean) or just make up some banking scheme myself (though the former would obviously be better for emulation purposes)

@revenant make a cart with contemporary level 3d accelerator hardware for like, the NES or something equally absurd

@halcy @revenant everyone knows about the tom7 CHR-hacking example of doing this but apparently someone did it before him and without the glitches his proof of concept has but i can't find that video anymore

@halcy @revenant i believe they show it running doom, which makes it all that much harder to search for bc "doom nes" turns up all sorts of unrelated stuff

@halcy @revenant oh it was this person! they apparently uploaded a new video, the original one that predated tom7 was just a demo completely unexplained (but you could tell it was doing basically the same thing), i think they removed that

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