finally an Algorithm that's going to be even more racist than all the other existing ones

@revenant oof, as if every european country doesn't have enough americans going "you know I'm 12% <country>!"

@revenant @troubleMoney
Most of my ancestors are Irish or Scottish but I like telling people I'm one third Irish.

@troubleMoney @revenant I feel bad for the europeans that has to deal with americans almost daily, especially the folks that lives close to major tourist destinations

@troubleMoney @revenant i've never met any American who's from Bosnia

(but i've never been St Louis)

@troubleMoney @revenant the worst are the ones who never mention they are american, they just say they are norwegan or what ever and use that the back up their views on immigration

@revenant does it have to _my_ DNA or can it just be... in my possession? asking for a friend

@revenant think about all the redlining jobs that will be destroyed by automation

@revenant headline in image: "Airbnb Is Partnering with 23andMe, so Let Your DNA Plan Your Next Trip"

me: [screams in moderately informed about actual biology]

@revenant isn't there any oversight… thing that can say: nah, to this kind of business partnership?

@revenant Thank goodness there’s absolutely no way this could go wrong

@revenant And this somehow isn't a clue that all this dna ancestry stuff is bullshit?

@revenant going over "ancestry" or "heritage" or "tradition" is basically the worst way to think about the past

@revenant I believe "Algorithmic Bias Voltron" would be an appropriate term.

@revenant Is this a satire post or something? Also could you link were you found it?

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