do you like System Shock 1 and also extreme minutiae? well you're in luck because i finally got around to filling out my floppy-vs-CD differences writeup with much more stuff that nobody in their right mind would have ever noticed or bothered documenting

actually there's one more thing i need to test in the original floppy release now that i think about it

it's related to something i already wrote about in the article, but i think it might actually be possible to softlock the floppy version if you're too far away from the elevator to the bridge when diego gets killed

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(that is, because i think the door leading to the elevator gets permanently locked at the same time that the bridge separation cutscene plays, which is either when diego dies or when you enter the elevator, depending on which version you're playing)

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btw, if you found this interesting, i'm getting ready to start writing up a similar page about a leaked beta version from late August of 1994 (roughly a month before release)

this version got leaked to BBSes back in '94 but hasn't really been explored in depth before

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happy February! i finally finished writing up just about all of the interesting differences i could find in this beta version of System Shock from late August 1994

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@revenant i always hated how the text didnt match up with the cd dialogue

@reitrace same but tbh i don't blame them for probably not having the time to rewrite all of it after recording the voice acting

@revenant not being in my right mind doesn't mean I don't appreciate the hell out of this. seems someone really wanted those camera types/positions polished, cool

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