time to get a head start on my revision 2022 entry. nobody steal this idea, 100% original

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@revenant I'm sure there were no conversations that mentioned anything like this over the weekend, yes, I'm sure (:

@Truck only conversations between the individual parts of my brain responsible for all of my dumbest ideas

@revenant oh, there was an ... allusion to it during some compos between Subi and I (:

I explained that I was ok with the stncc (st?cc? ) being an animation but not the other because... "ok probably no real sensible reason, shut up" or something (:

@revenant Jobe/JML says "put a färjan in there and you have a winner"

So you know what music to use.

@revenant It's one of the boats that travels from Helsinki (or from Turku) to Stockholm (or other places) and the music is from the boat and therefore it is a thing we have made many many productions with, because making 'hello world' is ... I mean who says that?

Also because it's fun.

@revenant come on I had this very idea *yesterday*! I even have IRC timestamps to prove it!

@revenant @pcy oh this definitely came up in the voice call on my discord during the party too

@luna @pcy i can't believe everybody is stealing my 100% completely original idea

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